Game Development Journey

One day, I want to create my own game for my wife and kids. Although I'm pretty experienced in software engineer but I'm still just a beginner in a game development. I decided to take a game development online course. I started using "Unity", the easiest to learn game engine available in market. This page serves as an index to my game development posts.

1. Game Development : Text Based Game Number Wizard

A really simple text based game to guess a number on you head. You can choose any number between 1-1000 and answer whether the guess is higher, lower, or the same as your number.

2. Adding .gitignore file to your repository

This solution will be helpful if you're using git as your version control system. Unity will generate thousands of file changes if you don't have .gitignore file on your repository.

3. Game Development : Text 101

In this post, I was working on a simple game project with a Finite State Machine. I also learnt many things about simple UI and game object on Unity. I can programmatically change game object state and content from code.

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