Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Eclipse Tips: Clean and Rebuild Eclipse Projects

Hi Guys, I'm pretty new in project development using Eclipse as my IDE. I've been using MS Visual Studio (VS) for 5 years and now I'm switching to Eclipse for my next project. 

When I imported an existing project into Eclipse for the first time, I wonder how to build the project. Because I can't find button in the tool bar or a menu in the context menu of the project to build the project. But when I checked the build directory, the build output already there. It turns out, eclipse will automatically build the project for you. But if you want to manually build your project you can find in the Eclipse top menu:

Project -> Uncheck the "Build Automatically" menu.

And then from there you can find other menu will be enabled. Use "Project -> Clean..." to clean your project, use "Project -> Build Project" to build your project, and "Project -> Build All" to build all your projects at once.

Thanks for reading everyone. if you find my post useful, please leave a comment below. :)

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